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ATLOP offers a wide range of services to meet all your application development and maintenance needs. By combining flexible engagement models and agile-based development practices, we ensure a faster time to market.

Mobile App Development

The development of proof of concept and feasibility studies are essential components of custom applications. It plays a crucial role in the success of your product by helping to decide what tools and technologies to use. We specialize in the development of native and cross-platform mobile applications for Apple iOS (9 and up) & Android (KitKat and up).

Application Customization

ATLOP's service offerings give you the opportunity to analyze business needs and design the optimal application customization strategy. Our expertise in emerging technologies guides you in selecting the right technological foundation, architecting the solution and implementing, integrating and validating the end result.

Application Maintenance

Keeping your software products stable ensures they meet the needs of your business, as well as providing enhancements according to their preferences. ATLOP provides all levels of software maintenance, including level 2 and level 3 support. It includes technical troubleshooting, remote debugging, release support for hotfixes and service packs, performance benchmarking and enhancements, and documentation, localization, and internationalization.  


Web App Development


In order to meet the changing capabilities of the application in the future, our technical architects lay the foundation to scale up the web service at the system design level. Having managed the various parameters that affect a system's scalability effectively, our web development team has guaranteed future availability, performance, reliability, cost, and manageability demands. Our solutions are based on the newest technological stacks.

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About Us

ATLOP is part of AFNAM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and one of the first enterprise studies here in the heart of Riyadh. One of the unique services we provide to local entrepreneurs is a free consultation. Moreover, Atlop provides those who are interested in the tech industry both software and application development services to local entrepreneurs, SMEs and the corporate levels of businesses in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC.

Today, we live in the era of technology and thought-provoking software development environments where entrepreneurs & SMEs, especially tech start-ups, are struggling to build top-notch solutions for their needs. As technology consultants, we identify, design, develop, manage & maintain their technology requirements so they can focus exclusively on their business operations. The services provided by ATLOP include, but are not limited to, the provision of platform & resources to create, support and manage software and applications developments.   

ATLOP strives to ensure unmatched services to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and the local start-ups here in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

The mission of the Atlop enterprise study is to lead, integrate, and deliver multidisciplinary research and development solutions in the core areas of leadership, workplace diversity, and technology research impacting entrepreneurs, communities, and the local SMEs inspired by our diverse and talented team.

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Our Vision

We have a bold vision for enterprise; to help drive the local innovation and skills needed to grow the knowledge of technology according to the world economies. Our ambitions will not stop there: we will continue to tackle global challenges and transform lives through our consultation, innovation, and new technologies.

Our approach is to build on our local reputation and strengths in sectors such as smart systems, Logistics & transportation, smartphone applications. Will defiantly grow our collaborations and impressive portfolio of partnerships with multinationals, leading technology companies, small and medium businesses, public and third sector organizations.

Our Working Process

Delivering Technology Solutions in the fast lane. Catch the pace with ATLOP.









Delivering Technology Solutions in the fast lane. Catch the pace with ATLOP.

We have become the best iOS and Android app development company with our agile technical solutions, customer-centric approach, and advanced app development capabilities. Take your business to the next level with unique iOS and Android apps! With an application that can be installed on iPads, iPhones, Apple watches and any Android device, you will reach a whole new class of customers. The best way to create strong customer relationships and a strong brand are to target financially strong customers. We have a team of creative and technical experts to design and build your mobile application. For the content to be tailored and the design to be effective, understanding the user journey and persona is key.

Streamlining your technology needs! You just focus on your business and customers while ATLOP takes care of the rest.

We believe that user-centric designs are the best. In the same way as any other company, we also develop apps and websites. The difference is that we design and develop it from the user's point of view. Wireframing is an active team activity that involves discussions with the client. In addition to having an excellent grasp of human ergonomics, our team of talented and experienced web designers and developers help our customers reach out to their target audience through our many apps and websites.

Our engineers and developers collaborate with the client to design and develop a solution together. This uncommon approach is our way of making designs more personalized and engaging. Get in touch with us for a project and discover the difference.

Our Creations

In a world of technology generalists, we prefer to be specialists, partnering with your Business to deliver IT solutions per your current & future needs

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